The Structural Sea

This work is part of a series entitled ‘The Structural Sea’, which engages my fascination with the sea as both place and idea. It takes the building blocks of an eco-system and renders them as symbols and shapes to convey shoals, repetition, direction and encounter. At the same time, angular marks hint at a senseContinue reading “The Structural Sea”

The Jewel and the ship

During my residency in Cromarty, I spent a lot of time drawing, without worrying too much about a focussed line of enquiry or subject. Essentially, I just enjoyed the ebb and flow of looking and recording. One evening, we walked across the peninusula to a place on southern side of the Black Isle, called McFarquar’sContinue reading “The Jewel and the ship”

Cromarty Residency

18 days into a residency in Cromarty, Easter Ross, I set myself an agenda to make drawings and then make paintings from them, without reference to other supporting material, such as photographs. Odd as it might seem, I have rarely made the connection between drawing from life outside and making paintings; generally tending to eitherContinue reading “Cromarty Residency”

Common ground

Painting in the glacial boulder field on Ilkley moor escarpment above the town

One Fathom Deep, June 2-29th, Liverpool

I am showing work at 5 Bold Place, run by Art in Windows, Liverpool in the month of June 2019. The work echoes the maritime setting of the city and contains a cheeky, but ultimately respectful, reference to Peter Blake’s Razzle Dazzle ferry. June 2nd-29th 5 Bold Place, Liverpool, L1 9DN

Moscow – Group show

November 4-14th The London–Moscow project in partnership with Art Number 23 presents the exhibition “Present Perfect Continuous”, which will be held at The Zverev Contemporary Art Centre from the 1st November until the 14th November 2018.